She generates $1,586 (RM6,927) profits this week.

By Ezone Constantine

Certified Financial Technician and Master Trainer 
Today we want to share with you a story of a mother of 2 Children. A few months ago, we remember when she told her story about WHY she decided to enrol in our Ultimate Forex Program (UFP).

You see, she is just like any mother in the world. She wishes to provide extra income for her family while keeping her day job. Therefore, she searches all over the internet and attends countless Business summits.

Until one day, she decided to attend one of the summits via Zoom, whereby the organizer invited more than 12 speakers from different Backgrounds.

The summit teaches anyone to build passive income from Online Business, E-Commerce, Digital Arts, Influence in Social Media, and many more. However, she was so excited to enrol with Sir Ezone Constantine because of 5 Reasons:
(1) Sifu Ezone teaches from all his heart and soul. She can feel the speaker is genuine and willing to teach. She wants a good coach and mentor. Not A Sleazy Salesman.

(2) The Opportunity to trade Forex and Gold Market at night allow her to be safe at home with her children. Especially during the Covid pandemic hit the country.

(3) While working on her day job, she can spare around 20 to 30 minutes to spot a trading opportunity.

(4) She may be shy and introverted. Setting up a business that required meeting clients, handling the worst customers, and stocking products may not be her forte. However, trading via computer and smartphone may suit her character.

(5) She has a limited budget and resources. Before she decides to enrol in any program, she must think about every aspect and must worth the money. Being thrifty is her priority. To her surprise, Ultimate Forex Program is very affordable and delivers GREAT VALUE.

She is progressing very well after a few months. Among the features she liked was the UFP Weekly Newsletter. Every early of the week, Sir Ezone will share his forecast (prediction) from both Fundamental and Technical (Chart and Price Movement).

For example, early in the week, Sir Ezone did a prediction on the Gold (XAUUSD) movement.

He predicted that the Gold price was likely to fall further from the price level of $1930 to $1876.
XAUUSD Chart on 25th April 2022
The price indeed hit the target and generate more than 500 pips (5,000 points). Very transparent and open. He indeed shares why he predicted in that way. Sir Ezone was never once stingy with his knowledge.  
XAUUSD Chart on 28th April 2022
She took advantage of that prediction, and with calculated risk, this trade generate awesome results with $1,586 (RM6,927) profits.

Remember, you also can be a good and consistent trader. We had so many stories to share indeed. We hope one day, we will share your stories as well.
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